Michigan Creative has the best social following for Marketing companies in the area. Wouldn’t you want someone who spends that much time on their own Digital Marketing to help you with yours? We will manage your social media channels, create your email marketing campaigns and most importantly generate leads and drive sales.

Our CEO, Brian is a Twitter Samurai and the team of Digital Marketing professionals at Michigan Creative will provide you with the best services available based on your needs. We have years of experience creating the perfect strategy for your business while keeping it simple, effective and cost-efficient.

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  • Social Media Ads and Posts
  • Twitter Growth
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Track campaigns for targeting leads
  • Improve Brand Awareness
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Custom analytics and personalization
  • Testimonials
  • Educational
  • Product
  • Video Editing
  • Generate Leads
  • Drive Sales
  • Measure ROI
  • Email/CRM Integration