Writing isn’t dead, and you should be doing it

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Lately, social media is all about photos, video, and reaching your followers and consumers with relatable, visually aesthetic content. Just by that description, writing doesn’t often fit the bill. But why is that? It’s been thought that writing and creating content to be read is becoming less and less popular – dying, even. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve …

creative fire

Get yourself out of a rut and start a roaring creative fire

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We’ve all been there. Everyone has felt, at one time or another, like there was no way we could do or create or write a single thing, like all brain function has been exhausted. We’ve all felt stuck, and that really stinks because that’s our job at it’s core at Michigan Creative. What can you do when you seemingly lose …


No one knows your business like you do.

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No one knows your business like you do. That fact should be a source of pride and a testament to the tireless hours you have spent not just developing a product but cultivating a brand and earning a strong reputation among your clients, suppliers and competitors, as well as a respected place in your community. Having a singular insight into …

Melissa Meschke

Melissa Meschke is Featured on Michigan Business Rap

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About Michigan Business Rap Michigan Business Rap is a radio program which produces content that inspires ideas and helps move the business community forward. They bring Michigan business leaders together and have in-depth discussions that will educate and interest audiences. Melissa Meschke the COO of Michigan Creative was a part of the discussion that was on entrepreneur Friday and was …

Sidewalk sales michigan

Sidewalk Sales: Smart or Sneaky?

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Ladies and gents, boys and girls, it’s that time of year again: Sidewalk sales. For many people (including myself), this is no joking matter. Instead of spending a sunny Saturday lounging on the beach, countless sales-crazy shoppers flood the streets of their favorite cities with dollar signs in their eyes and ferocity in their hearts. No one is safe, especially …

Lansing Video production

First day as an intern

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An early morning for a college student is waking up at 7:50am, but that’s exactly what I had to do as I started my first day as an intern at Michigan Creative.  I left my house around 8:30am and drove to 934 Clark street in Lansing, I arrived at the office roughly around 9am.  As I entered the building, after …

Small Business And The Holidays

Small Business And The Holidays

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We all know that small business plays an important role in any community, and that is especially apparent here in Lansing. Michigan Creative is one of the many, many “startups” in the area, and we love being part of the startup culture! Entrepreneurs are so full of passion for their work, their community and their employees, and that’s something you …

Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

I Don’t Need Video Because…

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How have you ended this sentence before? “I don’t need video because… ‘it has nothing to do with my business.’ ‘it’s not in the budget.’ ‘we’re doing well enough without it.’” Sound familiar? I’m here to tell you why, if you’ve ever caught yourself saying, even thinking, any of these things, you need to rethink whether or not your business …