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Pokémon Go is Here, and Why You Should Pay Attention

Brooke Reed Blogging

Staying in the loop and keeping up with current fads is something that seems like a no-brainer when it comes to marketing for your business. Keeping track of the latest thing can help bring more customers through the door, whether it’s in the food industry, business relations, or design. When a particular item explodes within the pop-culture scene, businesses should …

Michigan Creative

Get Results From Facebook Ads On A Budget!

Brian Town Blogging

 First and foremost it goes without saying every business wants to advertise wisely, without spending large amounts of money on that advertising. A primitive step in gaining fruitful exposure is in the selection process, of a well-targeted audience. The ultimate goal of any business is to capture, inspire, and motivate their audience to act and stand behind their company. The …

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Melissa Meschke Marketing, Michigan Creative Leave a Comment

With the holiday season quickly approaching, what is your small business doing to prepare? Check out these 5 quick tips to help your business be on the nice list! Start working on your campaign now. Have you turned on the TV since Halloween? I’d say a good majority of the commercials deal with the holiday season. People are shopping earlier …