Steps to creating a powerful brand identity

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No matter what your company produces, having a consistent brand is essential to reach potential and current customers. In the digital age, social media marketing is becoming one of the most popular ways to receive brand recognition. However, there are several steps your company must take to capitalize on their posts before initiating a social media campaign. DEFINE YOURSELF Who …

Big Investments: Camera Edition

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Cameras are no small investment. I compare it to buying a car: you do your research on makes and models, how new or used would you like to go, then you go and spend a bunch of money on it while having a stroke as you watch your bank balance go down.  Find a purpose for your purchase With big …

Specs for Social Media Videos: A Guide

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At Michigan Creative, a lot of our videos end up being placed on websites and released onto social media. Here’s an up to date guide on what you need to know about posting videos on Facebook and Instagram.  Facebook          Posting onto Facebook, not embedding. We always recommend that when you post a video on social media, you upload the video …

Video Ads: If You’re Not Utilizing Them Now, You Should Be

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The video age is upon us, my friends, and Michigan Creative wants to help make sure that your business is not falling behind. Log-in to your Facebook account and start scrolling through the Newsfeed. If you’re like most people, as soon as you log on, you’re going to see numerous videos on vast topics ranging from food, politics, or the …

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The future…and now, is video!

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As you may have discovered by reading this blog, we absolutely love to talk about video at Michigan Creative. No wonder, given the amount of video content people consume on a daily basis. The numbers on YouTube alone are astounding, with viewers watching more than a 500 million hours of video every day. Want more? Some 300 hours of video …

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Start 2018 Off Right with a Brand Anthem Video!

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A brand anthem video. You know it when you see it, or rather, experience it. It’s the North Face video that makes you want to venture into the wilderness and explore the unknown. The Nike commercial that personifies its slogan and lights your inner fire to strive and achieve physical feats. General Electric hits you straight on with its “Ideas …

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3 Ways to Use Video

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If you’ve ever wondered how and why some companies generate the video content they do, you aren’t alone. Anytime you watch T.V. and a commercial you either love or hate comes on, you always think, “I wonder why they decided to do that.” The beauty of video is that it generates a wonderful sense of curiosity among the people who …