Finding Creativity

Siobhan Findlay Blogging, Creative

What’s your trade? Graphic design, video production, photography, public relations, education, engineering? Regardless of what career path you follow, creativity is needed; whether it be coming up with a new way to teach your first graders, or creating a full length feature film. Creativity involves gathering inspiration from your past experience and knowledge, and making something completely new. We all …

Michigan Creative Weddings

Michigan Creative WEDDINGS!

Brian Town Blogging, Photography

Michigan Creative… Web, video, print, branding, and now, weddings! Michigan Creative Video is joining forces with Shutter Speed Productions and Rachel DeRose Photography to bring you Michigan Creative Weddings. Michigan Creative Weddings, like all of the ideas we come up with here at Michigan Creative, started off as just that: an idea. We talked about it, said it could work… …

London Pop-up Restaurant, The Picture House, Winning at Social Media

Brian Town Marketing, Michigan Creative, Photography

How often do you go on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and see your feed littered with mouthwatering pictures of your friend’s meals? Usually I end up getting so hungry, I close my laptop and run to the pantry. Every time I eat out nowadays, it isn’t hard to spot half the clientele snapping pictures as soon as their food arrives.  …

Marketing Your Small Business Through Photographs

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What are the images on your social media platforms saying about your company? Each of your readers are going to have a different learning preference. Some find content more appealing with audio, some with video, and some with interactive links. If you are like me, you enjoy content with plenty of eye appealing pictures. The way you use a photo has …