Top 10 2016 Olympic Ads

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As the world’s best athletes gather in Rio to represent their countries and display almost superhuman abilities, everyone else watches. Across the globe people gather around TVs, laptops, and smart phones in order to cheer their nation on to victory. But what is a broadcast without incessant commercials? One minute you’re witnessing the emotional reunion of a gold-winning athlete with …

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Homegrown Olmpyians Take on Rio

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In exactly one week from today, the athletic world will take over social media as it does every 4 years. The constant stream of Trump and Clinton memes will cease, and for a few short weeks people will remember how much they like sports. And they should, because the Rio 2016 Olympic Games will be a spectacle for the ages. …

How the Olympics are Winning the Social Media Game

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It may seem like every company, brand, or event has a social media presence.  However, many of these profiles seem to exist purely out of obligation and are updated sporadically at best.  On the other hand, some organizations seem to really grasp the purpose of social media and the various platforms. The social media strategy implemented by the International Olympic …