The Internship Search and How I Landed on Team MC

KaLyn McCullough Michigan Creative

You would think an advertising management major would find an internship easily, right? Wrong. I started applying for internships in the Fall of 2018 and everyone answered, “Sorry, but we’re looking for candidates with more experience,” but how am I supposed to gain experience if nobody will hire me? The harsh winter came and career fairs at Michigan State University …

Internship Michigan

Love the Learnin’

Brooke Reed Blogging, Michigan Creative

The longer I intern here, the more I want to do. The thing I love the most about interning at Michigan Creative is all the jobs I’m able to accomplish. It seems that everyday there’s at least one job for me to sink my teeth into, and I love it! It has definitely been a fun experience so far, and I …

5 Ways To Balance School And Your Internship

5 Ways to Balance School And Your Internship

Brian Town Blogging

College is a rewarding experience. If you see it as a tool to help you reach your goals, you can set yourself up for a variety of successes and opportunities, particularly at Michigan State University. College is also demanding because your purpose as a student is to graduate, and the road to graduation is paved by managing your time correctly. An internship is a …

The Ramblings of a CEO, The Value of an Internship

Melissa Meschke Blogging, Marketing, Michigan Creative Leave a Comment

The value of an internship… I thought my blog today would be to give advice to college students and to say thanks to all of the interns that have worked for us at Michigan Creative, and who currently work for us now. What I always used to tell my high school students and what I tell our interns and young people …