Big Investments: Camera Edition

Chloe Reynolds Blogging

Cameras are no small investment. I compare it to buying a car: you do your research on makes and models, how new or used would you like to go, then you go and spend a bunch of money on it while having a stroke as you watch your bank balance go down.  Find a purpose for your purchase With big …

Video Ads: If You’re Not Utilizing Them Now, You Should Be

Brian Town Blogging, Digital Marketing, Michigan Creative, Video

The video age is upon us, my friends, and Michigan Creative wants to help make sure that your business is not falling behind. Log-in to your Facebook account and start scrolling through the Newsfeed. If you’re like most people, as soon as you log on, you’re going to see numerous videos on vast topics ranging from food, politics, or the …

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Manipulating Light

Siobhan Findlay Blogging, Video

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose Lets all take a moment to appreciate how awesome light is. Think about it: If the sun burned out right now, and all of the lights in the world went out, there would be a darkness that none of us have ever known. If the sun …

Upcoming Events in Lansing

Upcoming Events In Lansing

Michigan Creative Blogging

Lansing is a hub to so many different things, from thriving startup businesses to the beautiful Michigan State University. Also known for its appreciation of the arts, Lansing is home to many excellent performance venues, art galleries, and music festivals. The city takes the time to appreciate and support the full spectrum of businesses and entertainment, which makes it a …


New Movies Coming in 2015

Brian Town Blogging

Anyone else excited for all of the new movies coming out next year? I know I am! I’m sure some of them won’t be good (how many movies in a series can you really make before it just gets old?), but some of them… *cough* *cough* “Cinderella“… will be great. For a little sneak peek at some of the new …

The Best of “Film Tip Fridays”

Brian Town Blogging, Video

If you “like” Michigan Creative Video on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen our “Film Tip Friday” posts every week. We like to post quick little tips that we think of for shooting, editing, audio, etc., and we hope that these tips help you out, if even just a little bit. Even though we post a …

So, You Want to Make a Movie in Michigan

Melissa Meschke Blogging, Marketing, Michigan Creative, Photography, Video Leave a Comment

So, You Want to Make a Movie in Michigan? Well, I just think that’s a great idea! I think it was a better idea a few years ago, but there’s truly no sense dwelling on times past. Returning to the point Luke made last month, Michigan saw a drastic change in film incentives from 2010 to 2011 when the budget …