Writing isn’t dead, and you should be doing it

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Lately, social media is all about photos, video, and reaching your followers and consumers with relatable, visually aesthetic content. Just by that description, writing doesn’t often fit the bill. But why is that? It’s been thought that writing and creating content to be read is becoming less and less popular – dying, even. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve …

Take note of these back to back national days: Mental Health Day & Depression Screening Day

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Every single day seems to be a national day for something, except these two are important. You may not be aware of it, but yesterday, October 10th was National Mental Health Day. It was posted about all over social media, creating awareness for mental health, and resources too. Just about every influencer and many people on social media had something to …

Video Ads: If You’re Not Utilizing Them Now, You Should Be

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The video age is upon us, my friends, and Michigan Creative wants to help make sure that your business is not falling behind. Log-in to your Facebook account and start scrolling through the Newsfeed. If you’re like most people, as soon as you log on, you’re going to see numerous videos on vast topics ranging from food, politics, or the …

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Why Do You Need a Video on Your Facebook Page?

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Why Do You Need a Video on Your Facebook Page? Did you know that adding catchy video content on your Facebook page can actually boost your business? Here’s why you need to add videos to your Facebook page. Organic reach, which is hard to come by nowadays, has been found to be 135% bigger in video posts than in photos, …

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Hosting on a Private Video Server, or YouTube?

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Question: If we’re hosting videos on a private server, aren’t we missing out on the SEO benefits of YouTube?   The answer to this is complex, but the short answer is: not necessarily. There is certainly a time and a place for YouTube – which we can post to, by the way, as determined by our marketing strategy for your …

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Facebook Retargeting: The Basics And Benefits

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While conversion rates are not everything in marketing, they are one of the most important things. This number represents the rate at which all the people who visit your website do something, such as making a purchase or otherwise, rather than nothing. This is crucial data to know in regards to how many potential customers you convert into actual customers …

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Get Results From Facebook Ads On A Budget!

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 First and foremost it goes without saying every business wants to advertise wisely, without spending large amounts of money on that advertising. A primitive step in gaining fruitful exposure is in the selection process, of a well-targeted audience. The ultimate goal of any business is to capture, inspire, and motivate their audience to act and stand behind their company. The …

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Businesses with ‘friend’ Facebook pages are missing out

Melissa Meschke Marketing

When Facebook was first released back in 2004, there was a limited demographic of people who could even sign up for the platform. Moving forward, that demographic expanded quickly, but it took until 2007 (according to Business Week) to create the very first business Facebook page: The Fan Page. Since then, Facebook has developed the business pages from ‘fan pages’ to business accounts …

Managers on Social Media Sites

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Here at Michigan Creative, we are often asked about how you control managers on social media sites. It is an important question to ask-how do you, as the owner, control who has access to what? How do you insure that your sites won’t be hacked or deleted by disgruntled employees? Sound ridiculous? Well, it really does happen, which is why it’s important to …