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Content Marketing 101

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As a startup, you are probably aware that marketing is important in order to gain more exposure for your brand, product, or company. In the rapidly growing and advancing digital era, content marketing has become more relevant in order to draw in customers, clients, and visitors over a variety of platforms. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on …

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Get Results From Facebook Ads On A Budget!

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 First and foremost it goes without saying every business wants to advertise wisely, without spending large amounts of money on that advertising. A primitive step in gaining fruitful exposure is in the selection process, of a well-targeted audience. The ultimate goal of any business is to capture, inspire, and motivate their audience to act and stand behind their company. The …

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Branding on Social Media

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According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report; 92% of all marketers indicated their social media use generated more exposure, 80% of marketers reported that social media increased traffic to their business, and 72% used social media to develop loyal fans. We notice that social media marketing is a fantastic way to gain more exposure, but how  can you …

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Content marketing takes strategy, but it can be difficult to articulate. We often look back to experience or bounce around ideas in groups to discover the best way to go about our actions. Here are six areas you don’t want your content or content strategy to lack in. Instead of thinking about content marketing directly, let’s consider what you want …

Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts

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Let’s start off with what the word “optimize” really means before we dive into what it means for social media accounts. From   The definition I totally made up in my mind of what I think it means to optimize in terms of social media accounts: Optimize: To standardize all social media content, including, but not limited to: graphics, links, …

Five Easy Places to Find Social Media Content

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Do you ever find yourself staring at your computer, wracking your brain for the answer to “what the heck am I going to post on Facebook today”? Fear not social media mangers: there are easy ways and places to find content that are right under your nose. Many of the places I look for content are easy to search and …

How Do I Drive Engagement on Facebook, but Still Post Relevant Content?

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Let’s start by having you think of the business pages you interact with on a regular basis. What kind of status updates do you like? What kind of status updates do you share? What makes you want to interact with their page? Some answers you may have come up with are funny pictures, funny status updates, cool facts, and maybe …