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Why is it so hard to spend time working on our own business?

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As a small business, we are constantly pulled in hundreds of directions at the same time-work on client projects, manage the employees, pay the taxes, buy new equipment-the list goes on and on. Something that always seems to struggle to make it on that list is working on internal processes and issues for our own business. We spend most of our days here …

Tips for Effective Cross Cultural Communication

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Usually when we find ourselves posting to Facebook or Twitter, we have an ideal audience in mind that we want to reach, impact, and connect with. As social media marketers, it’s a goal to captivate an audience full of diversity to effectively share your product or idea. The largest social media outlets may be global, but at times its difficult …

5 Things Internet People Need to Stop Doing

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The internet is a wondrous place. You can find almost everything known to mankind and many things that mankind would be better off not knowing. I spend time there now and again, and I’ve noticed that sometimes people get so wrapped up on being part of the internet that they sort of forget how people interact in the real world. …