Why You Need To Change Your Blogging Strategy

Why Do You Need To Blog?

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We’ve gotten really serious about blogging here at Michigan Creative lately, and it definitely isn’t because we’re bored or don’t have anything else to do! We’re crazy busy and everyone has a lot going on (which is a good thing!), but blogging is just so important that we’ve been setting aside time specifically for that purpose. You might be wondering, …

Five Tips to Create a Standout Blog

Five Tips To Creating A Standout Blog

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You’ve created a blog for your business and now find yourself thinking… what’s next? How can you be sure that you’re creating a standout blog in a space already so crowded with new blogs just like yours? Don’t worry, because with the help of Michigan Creative and this list of 5 great tips, your blog will be a standout in …

Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

Video Is As Relevant To Your Business As Blogging

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Does your business have a blog? Well if it doesn’t, it should. Blogging is a great way to easily create and distribute content to give your business a voice. Blogs are easily sharable and allow you connect with your audience on a more personal level. And we all know how important building that customer-business relationship is. A blog is just …


A Blog About Blogging

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“I don’t have time to blog.” “Blogging isn’t important for our business!” “I don’t know what to blog about…” Have you ever found yourself using any of these excuses to NOT write a blog every now and then? The fact is a lot of people either really don’t see the importance of blogging for their business, or they just plain …

Product Placement in TV Shows

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Have you ever noticed that a lot of TV shows will cover up the brand names on things or turn them around in a shot so those names aren’t visible? Or just use things that are very obviously just props in place of those brand name products? On the other hand, a lot of shows will keep those brands in …

Finally Finding What is Right For Me

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I recently started my summer by working as a Graphic Design Intern at Michigan Creative. I remember starting at Olivet College and had no idea what I actually wanted to do for the rest of my life. That really seems like the hardest thing to figure out while growing up. I changed my major a couple times and ended up …

Finding Motivation for Blogging

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As you may have noticed, it has been several weeks since I posted last and I apologize for that. A large list of excuses come to my mind…I traveled over 1500 miles for the Christmas holiday. I quit one of my jobs. I went full time at Michigan Creative. I’m still doing personal consulting in my spare time. I’m busy. I’m …

Importance Of Good Relationships Within Your Company

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With the rise of independent businesses and entrepreneurial spirit in today’s market, it is becoming more and more important to have a strong relationship with the people you work with, and especially those you work for. Of course being able to professionally and adequately finish a job on time is very important, but so is being able to have a …

Why Good Marketing Takes Time

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Many people expect marketing companies to work absolute marketing magic in a very short amount of time. “I started paying for SEO a week ago. How come my business hasn’t reached page 1 of search results yet?” “You started managing my Facebook page a few weeks ago. How come I’ve gained so little likes?” “You made a YouTube video and …