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The 4 Things You Need to Know About 360-degree Video

Siobhan Findlay Technology, Video

So, 360 videos are when someone spins around in a circle over and over and records themselves, right? Not exactly. If you aren’t quite up to speed on 360- degree video, do not worry. Here are the four things that you need to know about it to get a basic understanding.   1. 360 was created to make you feel …

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead: How to maximize subscribers for your business

Melissa Meschke Business, Marketing, Technology

With the rise of social media and content marketing for business, it’s no surprise that many professionals have their doubts about email marketing. Isn’t it outdated? Who would want to spend more time reading emails? After all, half our work days dissolve into a balancing act of deleting and responding to emails. And yet, as an aspiring writer, I am subscribed to 10+ authors on …

Responsive Web Design:Tips

Brian Town Technology, Web Design

Hello friends! I am back to discuss mobile web design tricks to know before starting your website! I cannot stress the importance of designing your website! It will be the first thing customer’s notice and we all know, a first impression is a lasting one! I’ve been researching as of late and have come up with a few important tips, …

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Hands-Free Design

Michigan Creative Cool, Technology

Having had a graphics tablet for over two years, I’m not unfamiliar with people walking up to me in public and being in awe of my “advanced technology.” After having it so long, however, illustrating and designing on a tablet has become second nature and not that phenomenal to me. That being said, it does feel kind of cool to have strangers …

My new desktop

New OS, New Me

Michigan Creative Cool, Technology

When I found out that there was another update Mac’s operating system last Tuesday night, I was very doubtful that the new version would offer anything new or positive for me; it always seemed to me that chasing trends of having the latest in software, hardware, fashion, and other things would ultimately be more tiresome (and expensive) than rewarding. After …

It’s almost here… iOS8!

Brian Town Blogging, Business, Technology

About this time last year, the Apple world was anxiously awaiting the release of iOS7 – the most dramatic change yet in iOS software from Apple. People spent hours trying to get themselves in the queue to update their iPhones and even longer waiting for the new update to complete installation. With huge changes in layout, appearance and functionality, iOS7 …

The Best of “Film Tip Fridays”

Brian Town Blogging, Technology, Video

If you “like” Michigan Creative Video on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, then you’ve probably seen our “Film Tip Friday” posts every week. We like to post quick little tips that we think of for shooting, editing, audio, etc., and we hope that these tips help you out, if even just a little bit. Even though we post a …

One day at a time.

Michigan Creative Blogging, Internship, Michigan Creative, Social Media, Technology

I have been really trying to “find” myself lately… I have recently turned twenty- one years old, moved back home, and started an internship for a job I see myself doing in the future after graduation. ( Michigan Creative ) Who is to say what is the “right” thing to do at a certain age? I keep finding myself thinking …

Why Video and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Brian Town Blogging, Business, Social Media, Technology, Video

We all know that social media is a key component to the success of any business, driving increased traffic to your website, generating leads, improving your search ranking, and much more. We have also seen, especially recently, that video is another key factor in this area. Videos engage potential clients, more so than text alone, because they are (or at …