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Create Custom Email Campaigns with SharpSpring

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“What You See Is What You Get.” SharpSpring comes preloaded with fully customizable email campaigns.  Edit campaigns using an incredibly user friendly interface which allows you to customize your emails to limitless potential. Save Time With Email Templates Create multiple campaigns and easily store and organize them based on your organization’s need.  Save time by copying emails and templates as …

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Are You an Overworked Dreamer?

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Far too often in today’s marketplace are we expected to deliver on a consistent basis for our clients.  Regardless of the circumstance, our clients ask for the best and assume nothing else.  However, if they are paying you for your expertise, shouldn’t you deliver nothing but your best? How SharpSpring can Help Relieve your overworked and high pressured workday with ...
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Dynamic Forms Built for Conversion

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SharpSpring has a slew of premade forms but will also map 3rd party native forms to SharpSpring in seconds.  With SharpSpring’s built in dynamic form builder, design your form to your specifications.  Also allow CSS to let SharpSpring become familiar with the aesthetics of your site and build a form based on your site’s elements. Control the complexity of your …

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Why To Use SharpSpring as Your CRM

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Stop asking and act!  3rd party CRMs are a thing of the past and can only do so much.  With SharpSpring as your CRM, the possibilities are endless. Create Smart Emails which allow you to craft a more personalized one-on-one relationship with your prospects.  You can schedule a Smart Email for either a later date or attach it to automation …

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Look Behind the Curtain with SharpSpring’s VisitorID

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Never lose track of a prospect with SharpSpring’s VisitorID feature. Think about it: 98% of web visitors remain anonymous simply because they don’t fill out a form.  VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identity companies viewing your site as well as where and what they view while also providing their contact information.  SharpSpring’s VisitorID effectively doubles and in some cases …

SharpSpring Winter Blowout

SharpSpring Winter Blowout Sale

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If you’ve been reading our blog for a bit, there’s no doubt you’ve seen SharpSpring mentioned a few times here and there. If you are the type of individual who wants to try new things out, but you find yourself a bit hesitant depending on the price, this is your chance! Michigan Creative is currently hosting our SharpSpring Winter Blowout …

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Let Us Introduce Our Partner: SharpSpring

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Michigan Creative recently partnered with a marketing automation platform called SharpSpring. You may ask what marketing automation is, exactly, and we’re here to answer your questions! Marketing automation is a suite of tools used to drive more leads, convert those leads to sales, and demonstrate ROI. In other words, it allows us to optimize each phase of your marketing funnel. …