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Hosting on a Private Video Server, or YouTube?

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Question: If we’re hosting videos on a private server, aren’t we missing out on the SEO benefits of YouTube?   The answer to this is complex, but the short answer is: not necessarily. There is certainly a time and a place for YouTube – which we can post to, by the way, as determined by our marketing strategy for your …

Why #Hashtags? Part One

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Hey guys, as you can see I am doing a two part blog on hashtagging. This week I wanted to just go ahead and jump right into this week’s topic of hashtags on social media sites. An interesting topic, eh? Well let’s start off by defining exactly what a “hashtag” is. The “hash” symbol looks like this #. A “hashtag” …

Video and SEO – Top 5 Tips

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Have you heard of a thing called the internet? It’s everywhere. If you haven’t, you should probably Google it. Google is the #1 most visited site in the world, followed closely by Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo. We don’t think we will surprise you by drawing the connection between search engines, videos, and social media. What this means for you is …