Writing isn’t dead, and you should be doing it

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Lately, social media is all about photos, video, and reaching your followers and consumers with relatable, visually aesthetic content. Just by that description, writing doesn’t often fit the bill. But why is that? It’s been thought that writing and creating content to be read is becoming less and less popular – dying, even. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve …

your business is a tree

Let’s talk about your health and how it affects your business

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Health: mental, physical, emotional. It’s something you’re probably tired of reading and talking about, but hear us out on this one. It’s something that controls your life, even when you don’t think it might be. Your health is crucial to be thinking about, day in and day out. It has a huge affect on your business, whether or not you’re …

Michigan Creative

Creative Charity: Doing Good with Design

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As a young person in my senior year (what!?) of college, it’s a little crazy to think I’ll be going out into the real world (or back to my parents’ house) in just a few months. How am I ready for the workforce? I’m actually about to go to a career fair later today, and I couldn’t be more nervous. Even …

The Ramblings of a CEO, The Value of an Internship

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The value of an internship… I thought my blog today would be to give advice to college students and to say thanks to all of the interns that have worked for us at Michigan Creative, and who currently work for us now. What I always used to tell my high school students and what I tell our interns and young people …

Year 3: Bring It On

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In 1 week I will be back in my second home, East Lansing, for my third year of school at Michigan State. I’m so excited to break into full swing with classes, jobs (yes that is plural) and school clubs. Not to mention football season (Go Green!), catching up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile, and the promise of …