Elevator Pitches: How They Can Help You Ride To The Top

Chloe Reynolds Internship, Networking, Promotion

Getting dressed up to go mingle with professionals and network with them is pretty much a love-it or hate-it scenario. As a socially awkward introvert who spends most of her time indoors with the curtains drawn and perusing the Internet, I personally am on the hate-it end of the spectrum, as I’m sure many others are. However, it doesn’t have …

How to Get a Job with a Liberal Arts Degree: Part 1 of 5

Brian Town Blogging, Internship, Networking

In today’s technologically driven society, liberal arts degrees are overlooked and taken for granted. Students and parents worry about the value of an undergraduate degree and whether or not the degree will guarantee a job after graduation – a job that will be able to pay off student loan debt and provide the means for a comfortable life. Not to ...
Summer Internship Michigan

Why Summer Break is More Important Than You Think

Brian Town Blogging, culture, Internship, Michigan Creative

Summertime for a college student is weird. You just spent nine months away from home building a community of friends and learning the ropes of a foreign city, and before you know it you’re back eating home-cooked meals and forcing your pets to cuddle with you. You get a job because money is not only savory, but desperately needed for …

Internship Michigan

An Introduction to Me

Brooke Reed Blogging, culture, Internship, Michigan Creative

Four years ago, I was a girl in a small town north of Grand Rapids just trying to get through high school and hang out with a few friends. Last year, I completed The Early College program through Lansing Community College, and have since then been working on completing my Associates for the Graphic Communications degree. This year, I’m almost …

Michigan Creative

What Is It Like To Work At Michigan Creative?

Brian Town Blogging, Internship, Michigan Creative

Michigan Creative provides expert services to help Michigan’s economy prosper; we work with clients to transform their marketing efforts into Marketing Machines, something that works for them 24/7. When an organization says it’s purpose is to add value to its community, the work culture shouldn’t be the average office shift, which it definitely is not here at Michigan Creative. I’ve …

Marketing quotes

New Beginnings

Brian Town Blogging, Internship, Marketing

As a new intern at my first internship, I feel like I am finally going somewhere! It only took 23 years to realize what I really want to do and I could not be happier! I will be honest, it took some time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and accomplish. What I know is finding your …


What’s Next?

Michigan Creative Blogging, Internship, Michigan Creative

  Welcome back! If you read my last post, you are aware that I recently graduated from college. And by recently I actually mean like a year and a half ago. After graduation, I moved back to the Lansing area and was beyond excited to start what I had hoped to be a blossoming career in the marketing field. It …