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Selling Retail vs. Selling Designs

Brooke Reed Blogging, culture, Design, graphic design

I am now in week 3 of my first retail position, and let me tell you this: It’s quite a different creature than freelancing in Graphic Design. However, with the differences, there are still similarities that can help me grow as a designer while I’m on the retail job. Here is what I’ve learned so far: With retail, there are different things to …

Starting A Project

Starting A Project

Siobhan Findlay Blogging, Creative, Design

One of the biggest challenges in starting a project is the very beginning. The paper is blank, and you can take it in any direction you want. Once you have a plan, it becomes easier for everything else to fall in place. But, what are the first steps in creating a project? 1. Draw it out. A lot of designing, …

Designing A Client's Idea

Designing a Client’s Idea

Siobhan Findlay Blogging, Design

There are opinionated clients, clients who aren’t really sure what they want, design savvy clients, and many other types of clients. Your job as a designer is to give all types of clients a finished design that is both functional and visually pleasing. Sometimes this is really easy, but other times working with a client is a challenge. While it …

Using Video As Your Website Background

Why You Need A Website Redesign

Michigan Creative Blogging, Business, Creative, Design, Web, Web Design

The idea of having a useful, attractive, and easy to use website for your business gets talked about a lot around here, and that’s because of how important it is. It’s one aspect of marketing that is becoming more and more relevant and should not be overlooked. If you already have a website for your business, then you are off …

A Brief Lesson In Typefaces

A Brief Lesson In Typefaces

Siobhan Findlay Blogging, Design

We use typefaces on a daily basis, whether we think about it or not. We apply them in print, online, and throughout the entire multimedia spectrum. Sometimes these typefaces are not the stars of the show, but rather just something we picked out that goes along with the design because it’s easy to read. Why not make them the stars? …