What Are Brand Standards?

What Are Brand Standards?

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“Brandards” {brand standards} are your friend. So, what exactly are brand standards? They are the guidelines that bring your the entire look of your business, as well as all of your marketing materials, together. Brand standards help you to set your business apart, while creating exposure to your brand. Brand standards can be thought of as keeping consistency, which helps …

Incorporating Graphics Into Your Video

Does Your Website Need Video Content?

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Business ownership requires leadership skills, teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit, methods that work and an audience to support it. In other words, running a business requires basic resources in order gain access to even more resources. For a small business, different types of resources like money and time aren’t readily available to waste. A business plan needs to be spelled out …

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Color In Design And Marketing

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The use of color in design and marketing is extremely important, but does it have a deeper meaning? There has not been very much research done on this topic, although many people think that different colors can have different effects on moods, emotions and feelings. A good example of this is the fact that many social media outlets use blue …

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Branding on Social Media

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According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report; 92% of all marketers indicated their social media use generated more exposure, 80% of marketers reported that social media increased traffic to their business, and 72% used social media to develop loyal fans. We notice that social media marketing is a fantastic way to gain more exposure, but how  can you …

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Building a Brand For Your Small Business

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   Not Just the Logo: According to the American Marketing Association, brand is “a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.” With this definition in mind, a business can not simply consider a cool logo as their entire branding image, brands are a way of …

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Creative Charity: Doing Good with Design

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As a young person in my senior year (what!?) of college, it’s a little crazy to think I’ll be going out into the real world (or back to my parents’ house) in just a few months. How am I ready for the workforce? I’m actually about to go to a career fair later today, and I couldn’t be more nervous. Even …


When Personal Branding Goes Too Far

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If you haven’t already, start thinking about building a personal brand for yourself. In a world full of endless online applications for every job you’d ever think of applying for, marketing yourself well is essential. Check out an excellent example here. As with young professionals, personal branding is a staple in the music industry. Just as we need to maintain a professional, confident, …

Product Placement in TV Shows

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Have you ever noticed that a lot of TV shows will cover up the brand names on things or turn them around in a shot so those names aren’t visible? Or just use things that are very obviously just props in place of those brand name products? On the other hand, a lot of shows will keep those brands in …