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3 Ways to Use Video

Brian Town Blogging

If you’ve ever wondered how and why some companies generate the video content they do, you aren’t alone. Anytime you watch T.V. and a commercial you either love or hate comes on, you always think, “I wonder why they decided to do that.” The beauty of video is that it generates a wonderful sense of curiosity among the people who …


How A Rebrand Can Change Your Business

Brian Town Blogging, Branding, Creative, Marketing

A rebrand is often the hardest and scariest part of any business attempting to change. Convincing others that this is the right decision and keeping your old, loyal audience is tricky. A rebranding process requires immense focus to pull off and Jagermeister is knee deep in a total rebranding process right now. I applaud them for trying to change their image. The …

How Music Can Help Your Business

Brian Town Blogging

Music breathes life into anything that may seem mundane. It’s so powerful that it inspires us to make that next step, whatever that may be. Nostalgia and emotion are powerful tools when it comes to advertising because we’ve all had a moment of total invulnerability when watching an ad. You see those puppies and kittens in a SPCA commercial, you …

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Using Video to Distinguish your Business

Brian Town Blogging, Branding, Video

You have outdone yourself Google, well played. Google recently released another 2-minute video campaign about the new Google Pixel 2 and it’s awesome. Their theme is titled “Ask more of your phone” and, according to the press materials, “It’s a film that celebrates Google’s love for questions and how they push us forward and tee’s up Google Pixel 2 as the …

How To Thank Your Clients: Tips Learned from The Witcher’s 10th Anniversary Trailer

Brooke Reed Blogging

This month, The Witcher’s first game turns 10 years old. In this milestone, many video game industries would put out a video that would include a montage of the game that shows from where they were to where they have grown today. However, CD Projekt RED took it a step further. On September 3rd, a video came out that brought …

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How to write a great blog

Brian Town Blogging

Blogging has evolved since it took the internet by storm a little over a decade ago. Many of the same rules of blogging apply while in contrast others have died and gone to the waste side only to be replaced by better tips. Identifying the best tips for your blog is going to be based on your reason for blogging. …

Elevator Pitches: How They Can Help You Ride To The Top

Chloe Reynolds Blogging

Getting dressed up to go mingle with professionals and network with them is pretty much a love-it or hate-it scenario. As a socially awkward introvert who spends most of her time indoors with the curtains drawn and perusing the Internet, I personally am on the hate-it end of the spectrum, as I’m sure many others are. However, it doesn’t have …