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A few Michigan Based Horror Films

Rob Disbro Blogging

Hello all! My name is Rob Disbro and I am a new intern here at Michigan Creative! In lieu of my first official day as an inter, Friday the 13th and the number of movie posters surrounding me. I felt that an appropriate topic for a post on the blog would be: Michigan Based Horror Film. Which will hopefully provide ...

How to Get a Job with a Liberal Arts Degree: Part 1 of 5

David A. Criss Blogging, Internship, Networking

In today’s technologically driven society, liberal arts degrees are overlooked and taken for granted. Students and parents worry about the value of an undergraduate degree and whether or not the degree will guarantee a job after graduation – a job that will be able to pay off student loan debt and provide the means for a comfortable life. Not to ...

Instagram Zoom Is Here, Make The Most Of It.

Ariel Sharfman Blogging, content marketing, Instagram, Social Media

My parents dreams have come true now that Instagram Zoom has been launched. Instead of taking a screenshot of the photo posted so they can get a closer look without reading glasses, this feature is now built into the app itself. Instagram has made many bold moves in recent weeks, such as launching Instagram Stories. The Facebook-owned company launched this …

Summer Internship Michigan

Why Summer Break is More Important Than You Think

Becca Rogers Blogging, culture, Internship, Michigan Creative

Summertime for a college student is weird. You just spent nine months away from home building a community of friends and learning the ropes of a foreign city, and before you know it you’re back eating home-cooked meals and forcing your pets to cuddle with you. You get a job because money is not only savory, but desperately needed for …