We sure do love our staff here at Michigan Creative! We believe that a happy staff means more productivity, less stress and helps them to put clients at the top of their priority list.

Jenn Putmon

Title: Creative Director | Graphic Designer
Hired: November 2015
Influential Person: My mom
Favorite Smell: Fresh baked apple pie
3 Skills: Art + Design (I make ugly stuff look sweet!),
Guitar picker + Singer,
Professional “Plate Spinner” (multitasking)

Brian Town

Title: CEO / Owner
Hired: August 2011
Influential Person: Alfred Hitchcock
Favorite Smell: Our little girl Kora’s hair and coffee
3 Skills: Leadership,
Foot model

John Crafts

Title: Server Administrator / Web Designer
Hired: October 2012
Influential Person: Julian Assange
Favorite Smell: PIZZA!!!!!1!
3 Skills: Troubleshooting,
Scripting (HTML/CSS/JavaScript),
professional Googler

Siobhan Findlay

Title: Video Production Manager
Hired: August 2015
Influential Person: My father
Favorite Smell: The wilderness
3 Skills: Photography,
lighting set up,
and making quesadillas.

Michael Phelps

Title: Account Manager
Hired: June 2016
Influential Person: Anthony Bourdain
Favorite Smell: That Perfect Cup of Coffee
3 Skills: Creative Solutions,
Brand Development,
I can wiggle my ears.

Brooke Reed

Title: Graphic Design Intern
Hired: April 2016
Influential Person: My Mother
Favorite Smell: Food, especially roasted red pepper with meat.
3 Skills: Writing,
Lip Syncing to Music.

Work Dogs

Title: Jupiter, Wyatt, Oliver
Hired: 2011
Influential Person: Sir Barks Alot
Favorite Smell: Other dogs butts
3 Skills: Eating,
Making people happy

Kora Town

Title: Chairwoman Of The Board
Hired: June 2014
Influential Person: My Mom
Favorite Smell: My Dad
3 Skills: Extreme Bathing
Playing with my brothers,
Calling everything “Baby”


Interested in an internship? Our interns work on real client projects and love our culture here. Contact us today to learn more about our internship program.

All of our interns are either:

  • working full time with another amazing company
  • showing off their killer portfolio
  • working here full time
  • working here part time

We want amazing people. We love them, we need them.

When Brian speaks to classes at MSU or LCC, he doesn’t tell them about Michigan Creative, or all the success we have had. He tells them the truth, what we learned and how to be successful.